For over twenty years, our Summer Quarters (boys) and Summer Jam (girls) programs helped inner city youth step out of their urban environments and build experiences and relationships that nourished their hope for a better future.  For many we witnessed these seeds of hope become a reality.  When our program co-sponsor was no longer able to participate in helping us put on those events, we reflected on the impact these programs have had over the last two decades and on the current needs of inner city youth and we were determined to continue our mission.

After months of research, interviews, and thoughtful discussion, we developed a new mentorship and scholarship program that launched in the Fall of 2015.  This new program continues and expands on many of the successful components of Summer Quarters and Summer Jam including: close mentorship with positive role models, sponsoring college mentors to visit Chicago, trips for the youth to the Utah/Idaho area to experience campus life at BYU Provo or BYU Idaho, cultural events, the teaching of basic life skills, and the deepening of faith and spiritual experiences.  In addition, the program offers year-round contact with college mentors who help the youth develop a thorough college preparation plan.  All of the youth who successfully complete the program and who are accepted to a college or university will have the opportunity to receive a college scholarship from ICYCF.

As we continue to help and work with these amazing youth, we invite you to support and join with us.  Together, we can help them realize their full potential and learn how to turn their dreams into reality.