Our Mission

The purpose of the Inner City Youth Charitable Foundation (ICYCF) is to motivate and support disadvantaged, inner city youth from Chicago to prepare for and obtain higher education.  Our programs connect youth to mentors who serve as role models for careers, family life, and community service.  Our mentorship programs focus on improving academic functioning, experiencing the value of work, expanding awareness and appreciation of self, others, and the environment beyond a youth’s home and neighborhood situations.  Those who successfully complete our mentorship programs are eligible for college scholarships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture the small seeds of hope within each youth with whom we work.  Many of them have the kind of hope that is only a vague feeling of wanting to live a different and better life.  Others have exciting, detailed dreams which they hope to realize, but do not have the necessary tools and resources.

By linking inner city youth with positive role models, educating them on the available resources and opportunities, and providing access to funding for college scholarships, we believe that these seeds of hope can grow, flourish, and lead to an abundant life; free from many of the burdens they carry today.